Anyone get the new Dirtrider mag. yet?(2005 YZ's)

Looks like a steel frame four speed to me! They say the 2005 YZ250 and 125 WILL get the alloy frame and the four strokes WILL get them for 2006! Looks like I'll snap up an '04 and save a few bucks. :thumbsup:

Knowone wants to talk about the 2005's :thumbsup:?

Everything looks like about what I thought. No aluminum frame and I knew they would keep the 4 speed especially since Honda is rumored to be going 4 speed. The suspension sounds good though. I am excited about that. If it's better than the 04 as much as the 04 is better than the 03 I will be happy. The rest of the stuff I could careless about except the CR brake that's nice too.

yep pretty much as I thought to. Nothing earth shattering! Sounds like a complete redo in 2006.

So it's basically guaranteed that in Dirt Rider the CRF will beat the YZF again in 2005! :thumbsup:

Like I give a crap what dirt rider has to say.

I dont think I would hold on to my rump waiting for the aluminum frame on anything Yamaha. Dirt Rider has never been too accurate with the new model predictions.

I doubt we will see it for several years.

I did still hear that the 05 will come with a 5 speed! When is the d :excuseme:ealer show?

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