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The Randall

Antigravity Battery Black Friday Discount

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1 hour ago, The Randall said:

I need a battery for my '18 500 and figure this would be a great time to get one as this is a 25% off sale. Does anyone know which battery is the best, most CCA battery that will fit? @Burnrider you may know?


You have two options here, The ATZ7-RS is going to be the model with the Re-Start option and protections (150 CA) and the AG-801 (240 CA) will be the option with the most power but does not have the battery management system build in so it becomes a little more important to make sure the battery is maintained properly. 

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I went with the Earth X. Everyone likes the button on the battery function on the AG. E-X has the full 2 yr warranty. It also retains surplus power on a total drain down as I found out at the same hunter camp your crew stayed near Gerlach.  The ETZ 5G fits the 2017. 

I won't keep a battery in the desert bike longer than 3 yrs. Plus I back it up with a microstart. If the battery has short protection built in we should be able to start it and ride. It looks like CCa and AH are the same, so for the money Antigravity would be good. 

The big difference is the sale price and warranty.

Antigravity prorates the battery up to 3 yrs.


Earth -X pays for shipping and replacement for 2 yrs.


Never used the Antigravity, for the sale price I'd give it a try.

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