whos got the master link install secret?

doing the annual chain / sprocket change ... i swear it takes me half a day to get that bloody clip on the master link.

I'm sure there are some gurus our there with some tips on making this install easier. What's the secret, and I'll email you a beer. :thumbsup:

i use channel lock pliers,first make sure the link is together enough so that you can feel the groove that the clip rides in with your fingernail(do this by squeezing across at each pin) then put the clip in position making sure the grooves are there then put the channel locks with the bottom jaw on the back of the link and top jaw on the round side of the clip and squeeze it on. if both top and bottom don't go together you can usually manipulate the errant one in with a screwdriver. voila , bud please!

My method is similar. The trick is make sure the side plate is one far enough. If you have a sealed chain (o-ring, x-ring, etc..) then this is especially true. You can put two small nuts over the rivets and squeeze the plate and nuts with pliars, this will push the plate on. They also sell special tools for installing the links on sealed chains. Once the plate is one far enough, put he clip in place and with a good pair of needle nose pliars, put one end of the pliars on the round end of the clip, and the other end either on the opposite rivet or the opposite side plate edge and give it a squeeze. If you're careful it will go on nice and easy. If you accidentally bend the clip, get another one!

These are the best thing ever for chains. You can get them from your local Snap on dealer.


THe key is on a oring type chain to get the side link on all the way before trying to get the clip on.I know on my D.I.D o-ring chain I had to press the side link in with a c-clamp and once you get that on far enough the clip is really easy.I use needle nose plyers or I can evan just push on the end hard till it snaps in.

Thank you gentlemen ... The two nuts on either side (i'm running the x-ring chain) and channel locks to squish together worked excellently ... and then some heavy duty needle nose pliers with a little lip on each end to grip the link slid the clip on quite easily.

Thumpertalk strikes again!:thumbsup:




I cheat when it comes to this.........the o'ring chains are a pain in the rear.......... when I install an o-ring chain, i just use a standard non-o-ring masterlink, 2 seconds later, viola its complete :thumbsup:


I cheat when it comes to this.........the o'ring chains are a pain in the rear.......... when I install an o-ring chain, i just use a standard non-o-ring masterlink, 2 seconds later, viola its complete :thumbsup:

And you have one link that wears completely differently than the others, and even possibly doesn't fit exactly right?


I cheat when it comes to this.........the o'ring chains are a pain in the rear.......... when I install an o-ring chain, i just use a standard non-o-ring masterlink, 2 seconds later, viola its complete :thumbsup:

and if you don't have enough oil for a whole change do you just throw in some cat food or whatever is nearby?

Thats just a little freaky...chains are only as strong as their weakest link. I would think introducing an odd duck in the array of consistently moving parts would cause some erratic behaiviour/wear :awww:

I always use needle nose pliers and hold the back end of the clip and the far end of the link and push. Usually get it on the first try.

You mean SHINER makes all the way up to Idaho? Hell I thought we drank it all before it could be shipped! :thumbsup::awww:

ID - I hear ya. Been there - done that many times...

What I have found that works best is a vice grip brand tool. The one with a C-Clamp on the end. (Price of the vice grip brand tool is about $14.00) I think the real application for this is welding and body work. It does the job like you wouldn't believe. I have also found it easier (Due to clearance with the rear wheel) that it is easier to pinch the master link together with the chain off the rear sprocket then put in back on the sprocket and tap the master clip on with a screw driver and a hammer. Make sure the opening on the master clip is opposite of rear wheel rotation.

Putting on a new chain used to take me a couple of hours of struggling - now it is about 5-10 minutes.

I hate to say it but I would never use a standard non-O-ring master link/clip on an O-Ring chain. This is asking for trouble. Just my 9 cents....

Hope this helps,

RCD :thumbsup:

Before you put it on, don't forget to make sure you're putting it on in the right direction. Most people don't even think about it but any race mechanic will tell you to put the closed end of the clip facing in the direction of the chains rotation. If the open end of the clip is exposed during rotation there are things it can catch on just right while spinning and flopping around that can pop it off just the same as if you took a screwdriver and purposely pushed it off. :thumbsup:

Does anyone use a small flathead screwdriver to get it on / off? I can get it off in under a minute and on in under a minute...

Ya'll you're making it too damn hard. For oring chains, put two of the orings between flat metal in a vise for a day. Slide two other orings on the master, slide it though, put your other orings on, and then use a screwdriver to pop the keeper on. Takes about 2 minutes tops if you leave the orings in the vise.

"Takes about 2 minutes if you leave the orings in the vise"

&%$#@! ?

&%$#@! ?


I was thinking the same thing???? :lol:

Stop fighting it with nuts, pliers, channel locks, a vise(?) and buy a chain tool for 25 bucks. Money well spent.

...and what chain tool would this be and where can I get said device?

Here is my Secret

Put chain on

Take ends of chain set them at a 10 O'Clock (Don't matter if PM or AM) on the rear sprocket

Take Mater link and slide pin portion starting from the back side (Closest to the spokes) into Pin holes of Both Ends of Chain

Take Master Link Pin Plate (While firmly holding with Right Index Finger) in place

Using left hand to place plate directly onto Master Link Pins

Squeeze Firmly until flat with chain

(Note May need to use Needle nose Vise grips)

Take Master link clip slide on to pins, using pair of needle nose pliers to securely clip into place.

Special Note

Make sure open end is always facing away from Chain rotation....


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