Rear brake pedal.

I've done a search and it seems a few people have had the same problem but no soulutions. I'm a tall rider and would like to reduce the height of the rear brake pedal. I've cut the adjustment bolt down and removed the top lock nut to tighten the adjustment gizmo up as high as possible but would still like it up higher (to make the pedal move lower). Anyone find anything that works??? Thanks.

Well, I've been considering it some more and I think the best solution will be to make a new 'U' shaped gizmo and just drill the holes a few mm higher. The bends should be fairly easy and then drill to the desired height.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Obvious question I know, but you've already used up all the adjustment?

personally i think its to small for my huge flipper but otherwise its good

I had to bend my brake lever after I lowered the footpegs. Even standing I was push the lever with my foot. I just used a little heat and bent it. Good luck

I had to cut the adjusting bolt on the rear brake (took off 5mm) after i did the low footpeg mod, got the pedal level with the footpeg. But now having a bit of trouble with the kickstart hitting the teeth of the footpeg and putting big dints in the kickstart, anyone know an easy fix for this??

i found that if I adjusted the pedal as low as it could go, that there was very little 'feel' in the pedal. This was due to the fact that the angle of the linkage had gone 'over centre' The only real solution is to make a new brake level. I'll post some pics when I get it done.

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