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What apps and websites do y'all use to find trails? Which apps have the most relevant info for dirt bikes in the region? A lot of the trails around WV, VA, KY, and TN are mapped by folks in side-by-sides and 4wheelers so I'm wondering if apps like Polaris Ride Command has the most info, but don't know if anybody uses it for singletrack. The Spearhead Trails in Virginia use Google Maps, which I found pretty awesome. Hatfield McCoy calls a page on their website an app but it looks more like a map on a webpage than an app to me.

Do a lot of people just download the GPX files from a website and load it onto their Garmin or Trail Tech? Mountain Biking has spoiled me with apps and websites like MTB Project and Trailforks so I'm just wondering if there's something like that for dirt bikes (Rever, maybe?). Trailforks has started branching off into other trail maps and I've recorded a small local system here but there's basically nothing else on it for dirt bikes yet. 

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I record all my rides and post some to https://www.gpsies.com/
I also paid ($40?) for http://www.vvmapping.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=11
maps of the Applacians, they have route-able Hatfield-McCoy and other area trails.

Rever is popular, but I don't like their pay to play model.
I use Locus Map on my smartphone, in addition to a Garmin Geomap 64St on my handlebars

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