has any one put an 02-03 tank on an 01

I want to put an 02-03 tank on my 426 because I want the new shrouds I think it will fit but has anyone tried it if so please respond or post a picture :thumbsup:

I have a 02 YZ tank for my 01 WR that works fine. I think the tanks and shrouds changed in 03.

2000-2002 are the same. 03-04 are different.

do the 03's mount different :thumbsup:

Can you use the stock '01 WR rad guards on the '00-'02 YZ tank or are the YZ guards different?


Stock WR rad guards will work fine on a 00-02 YZ tank. The radiator guards mount to the radiator and have nothing to do with the tank.

The 03 tank is a totally different tank. The 02 and earlier models had a 3.3 gallon tank. The 03 and later models came with a smaller 2.6 gallon tank I believe. The shrouds are also different. Remember in 03 the WR went from a 426 to a 450. There were a lot of changes made to the bike.

I am considering doing the inverse fit an oversized 426 tank on my 450. Can you tell me from you experience if there is now a lot of space under the tank?

The shrouds I buy from the 426, that´s not the problem

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