04 WR 450 vs. 04 KTM 450 exc

Ok, my niebor just bought a new ktm 450 exc. He's all "my bike can beat up your wr 450". I say funk that. what are your opinions?

KTM450exc is nothing compared to WR450, I though much about it until I got to try one, than I was really disapointed about it, expecialy the power compared to the WR :thumbsup:

Ok, my niebor just bought a new ktm 450 exc. He's all "my bike can beat up your wr 450". I say funk that. what are your opinions?

A lot of TTr's have mentioned that the KTM is a very mello and

smooth 450 that is easily overtaken by the WR450. BUT, that's simple


Time for a drag race with your neighbor! :thumbsup:

I can't wait to roost him a dirt sammich :thumbsup:

The KTM is a very smooth power delivery. The WR hits a bit more. The KTM has a high 6th gear and it's top speed will be higher but we are talking about speeds that most will never see on a dirtbike. Both are good bikes just making the power in different ways.

He's dreaming! Tell him Halloween isn't until October. :thumbsup::awww:

There were three of us riding, a DRZ400, 450SX & my WR450F. I'm 230lbs and on the straights my bike would ever so slowly gain on the other two. The WR is a little quicker but nothing over whelming.



we've been down this road soooooo many times. box stock vs box stock, the exc is a better woods bike. i mean tight trees and good single track. in the open the wr has it's way. that said. with some work and proper set up, the wr can hold it's own in the woods. when it comes down to it, the rider is the difference.

when it comes down to it, the rider is the difference

Well said :thumbsup:

when it comes down to it, the rider is the difference.

yes. i know guys who could hammer me on a 250mx bike in the tight woods. but they are way better then me.

the true test comes when you take the wr owner and give him a exc to ride. i didn't like it compared to my yami when i rode them back to back. 525/540/570exc is another story all together. :thumbsup:

things i don't like about the 450exc's:

-some seep oil

-have to run a [@#$%&*!] load of chain free-play

-if you don't, you bust your case

-E start is week on a few bikes i have seen

-stock suspension isn't as good as the yami {IMHO}


Things i don't like about the wr450s:

-ti head pipe is WAY too week

-doesn't have 6 gears {or the room to add gears}

-doesn't have a factory 510/540/570cc big bore kits

-stock bars {and riding position} are a joke

after saying all this, both bike are fu-king amazing bikes. we should feel lucky to have ether. sex is the only thing on earth better then a good day of riding on a sweet high powered thumper :awww:

Good to see (some) open minded discussion!

Not sure where Simon got his info, though.

Seep oil from everywhere? What is that all about? The waterpumps seep on some, perhaps that is what you're after there. KTM's aren't particularly leaky otherwise.

Yup, got to have a lot of chain freeplay. It is a linkless rear suspension, and that is how they work.

Nothing different about KTM front sprockets, you can change sizes. Mine was 14, and is now 13.

I've never heard of a failed KTM starter, to be honest. Not sure where you're getting that.

The suspension is definitely different. Worse? Personal preference. If you like to sit and ride, you'll think KTM's don't turn. If you ride in the "attack" position, they rail.

Both good bikes: you really can't go wrong. :thumbsup:

My bike does not leak anything? E start system works great as well.The battery is not all that powerfull and can be killed in a hurry.It's a compromise the entire starting system on a KTM is 6 pounds starter and battery included.Coming off a DRZ the chain freeplay seems off the wall but as stated above it's the linkless setup that requires it.Sprockets can be changed.Never rode a 450EXC but the 525 has plenty of boost anywhere anytime.I'd love to give a WR450 a whirl though.

seep, not leek. the gaskets seep out a bit of oil or something. when you ride in fine dust dirt you can see it sticking to side of the motor in a line with the gasket.

and i edited the above to make you happy :thumbsup:.

as for for wr450 vs 525exc, you cant compare them. the 525 flys away in a drag race :awww:.

Must be talking about "sweat" marks.Yeah my buddies '04 525 has just as you describe.Mine well it gets a full cleaning after every ride so no time for that stuff to show up.I for one would not underestimate the power that WR450 can put out.I think things would be closer than you think in a muscle match between them.Maybe upstairs the 525 would put real estate between them.You ever get to ride a 525?

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