XR650L jetting with Supertrapp

Getting ready to add Supertrapp to XR650L and rejet. Planning to do the following:

1. Desnorkel

2. Uni or K&N filter

3. Supertrapp IDS2 QC

4. Rejet (Keihin 158, 155?)

5. Air screw (out 2.5 turns?)

Anyone have a Supertrapp also with similar mods? If so, what jetting are you using and how many air screw turns out? Thanks!

Hi there, I'm in the same boat as you, should have had the parts on Friday but the UPS guys must have the whole weekend off. Anyways you can also drill out the two holes in the damper if you're using the stock CV carb, that's supposed to increase throttle response quite a bit. Since you're a fellow L owner, I'd suggest you come on over to http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/xrlug (the XRL yahoo group) and ask for specifics there. The yahoo group is for the XRL specifically. The 650R jetting and modding is notably different than the L and it can get quite confusing here. Happy trails! :thumbsup:

55/158 will do it for the stock exhaust, you'll be a touch richer than that.

Someone just posted the mod instructions as a doc on the yahoo xrlug site, so it is indeed the place for this info!


Anyone have a Supertrapp also with similar mods? If so, what jetting are you using and how many air screw turns out? Thanks!

Re: Super Trapp IDS2 quiet pipe on XR650L [Re: slip] #1072835 - 04/19/04 03:59 PM

Hey slip,

You've seen my posts about the XRL. The Trapp is (and always has been) a good aftermarket "slip" on. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anyway, I've got the IDS2 QS and it does work. I'm running 7 disks with a 155 main, 55 slow and a Uni-filter. Now granted it's not a Big Gun Race Series or full Yoshi system, but it's miles ahead of the stock system. Unlike the others, if you don't get on it it isn't very loud. The same goes for it at startup and idle.

The best part of the IDS2 QS, or any Trapp for that matter, is the ability to tune it for the motor and mods you've done or are planning on doing. More disks for top end power, or fewer for low end pull, not to mention less noise. Plus it's about 5 pounds lighter than the stock constrictor.

About the only thing that would make the IDS2 QS any better would be a set of headers. Then you would get the most HP gain on the exhaust side of things.

The search feature here is pretty useful. I posted this one in this very forum about five weeks ago for "slip," who's also a member of XRLug.

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