Check out my adventure!

....nothing about riding though, more of a place for strange talk :thumbsup: my look is over nothing there for me :awww:

Not exactly true. Want evidence? Here you go:

Sheetiron 300

GS'ing in South Africa (170 kmh in the dirt?)

Riding Tibet 1, 2, and 3

Water Crossings

Pacific Crest Quest (something for you to try)

...and, the best for last:

Little Bear Enduro... ON A GS! (insanity - plain & simple)

Like I said, it doesn't really matter what you ride (or drink, or weigh, etc.), it's that you're out there riding something. :lol:

...I'll be there,


So will I - but on the DRZ! Way too much offroading to be ignored! :thumbsup:

Hey n00b:

I'll be there on my DR650, riding from So Cal. I'll look for your DRZ.


My post was a responce to redrider about the Jo-mamma thread. Not the rest of the group.

ADVRider, especially Jomomma, can be a hostile place, if you make it one. No one likes a trashtalker. I read the whole thread, ya came across as a major jackass, fstrnu.

BTW, Where at in Paris KY is that place? I am up near Cincy, a few clicks west. If it is as challenging as you say, I wanna give it a go.

FSTRNU said Salt Lick, KY. BWB and i were talking about Perris Valley, Ca. which is close to where he lives and where i go to jump every now and then.

I've heard of that. How do you get there?

Let's hook up! Where are the jumps located in Paris?

The jumps I do in Perris Valley are out of planes at 14,000 feet. :thumbsup: But, BWB knows the places to ride i'm sure. I've never ridden there but lots of people that jump there ride also. Must be a gene or something :awww:

Ok, so I can't spell Parris :awww: I tought I hit the 'R' twice. Can't put everything that's out there but, this is 3rd gear pinned 20 minutes away from the Parris Valley airport. :thumbsup:

There is the famous Elsinore track just down the street. Glen Helen, Starwest....Your talking the center of Southern California :lol: They even have fire roads for the XR650L :lol:

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