Timing plug- oil?

I hope that this is not a COMPLETELY stupid question but here goes! :) I rolled my '00 Wr out of the garage the other day to clean the place out and about 30 minutes later looked its way and noticed a puddle under it. Come to discover that the timing plug was loose and there was oil running out. It was leaned over on the kickstand and also on a bit of a slope. I tightened the plug and everything seems ok. My question is should there be oil in this area? The reason I ask is because I know that the rotor and stator are in there! I couldn't tell much from the drawings in the manual except to notice that the timing chain is in there too, which must be oiled. I hope that this is not a problem. Thanks for any input. By the way, this is my first thumper - not use to valves and cams and such! :D

Yep, that's normal.

Thank God!! The more I thought about it the more I figured there has to be oil in that side, but I looked in the manual at the CDI magneto removal procedure and it doesn't say anything about draining the oil before pulling off the cover. I would also think that oil would splash everywhere when actually checking timing too! I'll tell ya, I learn something new about this bike everyday! :)

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