4 speed

Im at stock gearing BTW. My friend has a YZ400 and he hits the jump in 5th gear! Later,



I know that you dislike Honda and that is fine. Are you confused as to whether Honda makes a good desert bike? Have you ever heard of some guy named Johnny Campbell? What does he ride? Though I am riding and have raced Yamahas, the Hondas always have excellent attention to detail. Funny I do think for a first year effort Honda did all right with the 450. Time will tell but Honda wont be sleeping anymore I am sure. Cya

I don't EVER recall saying I dont like Honda.

If I have owned nearly 10 Hondas in the past 20yrs, surely you would not consider THAT disliking Honda!

From XR's

to Hurricanes to CBR900rr.......Those were surely , with the exception of this Yammy the most RELIABLE bikes I have owned.

Not to mention my 91' civic w/160,000 miles on it!

aand the other civic I had a few yrs back.

Once again just would like to reiterate that if I have ever said anything about Disliking Honda , it was an alien in my body or I was on Tequila! :D

But I honestly NEVER said I dont like Honda........I just think right now Yammy is making a BETTer product and until my Yammy's prove me different , I will stay BLUE.!!!

As far as the Honda badass dez bike ........I still have not heard a specific bike in your reply........ONLY A RIDER!!!

If you are talking riders maybe you could consider Brian Brown and DEstry Abbott on those big ol' KAWI's!! I have a couple of friends with those and they are a POS out of the box.

Reweld the entire frame/ cut the gears to get enuf oil in the tranny/ revalve/spring the suspension........etc etc etc...... Even THOSE bikes are underneath of Brian and Destry that doesnt make them GOOD bikes cuz' they have trophies.

Have you been to a Dez race lately? or ever?

You should go and check one out! Pretty thrilling for the first 15 minutes! otherwise not much of a spectator sport.

While you are out there, do a head count on BRANDs and types of bikes.

Come back and post your results.

But here is what they will be.











I do not disagree at all that Honda did a good....great job their first year, It is just that the blue bike has a 4yr headstart on a great thumper that is super versitile with a 5spd tranny. Why change it? Better yet...why not OPTION the 4spd or option the 5spd?

I have NOTHING bad to say about Honda.

And I agree that these bikes have a HUGEEEE and broad band of power and flexibility. My freinds all get mad thta I have to shift less on my thumper and when I get on my RM and have to shift a ton. I dont like to shift THAT much, but that lower first gear sure is nice in the tight stuff!

NOt that the 1st gear on my 99 400 is very low at all anyway! :D

When riding with my bud that has the WR , I always found myself clutching the crap out of certain technical stuff that he just weaved thru slower than I could!

Like I said b4.......... just GUT a WR or MAYBE YRT is just making an ADD-ON gear set like the Katooma520??? :)

Peace :D

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This whole 4 verses 5 speed thing is ridiculos! If ya want a 5 speed, buy the WR! WAH WAH its too heavy! No its not ya jackass, its lighter than the 426 in your garage right now! And it has an estart!

If you want a five speed why not buy the WR? Its a hell of a lot easier to take off an electric starter than to split the cases and replace a transmission isnt it?

Also you can bet the four speed wont have transmission failures with the gears being that much wider. 20% wider. Thats a lot. I beleive they address this issue though, with the change in cushion, from spring to rubber pad.

Reading this incessant thread, Ive come to the conclusion that they guys that want a 5 speed are the same guys that dont want to be seen on a FOO-FOO WR, instead of the ultra macho YZ. (Sarcasm). With the same frame, suspension how is it such a crime to ride the WR instead of the YZ, if you must have the 5 speed?

Those of you that "desertize" your YZ's, how much of it is still YZ? The tank is history, as with the case and frame gaurds most of the time, the 19" rear wheel gets changed ususally for an 18". You woulda bought new clamps anyway. Wouldnt it be a hell of a lot quicker to just re-time the cams on your WR and be 80% of the way to the bike you wanted in the first place?

You desert guys are confusing folks. Maybe youve got Yamaha spun out too.


I have nothing against the WR.

My friend has a WR and absolutely kicks my butt on a regular basis!and I am no SPODE!

I personally just love my 99' YZ and have had NO complaints about it......Maybe about 5 lbs.

My personal reason is this.......

1. first and foremost I don't want to wait til DEC or Jan

2. I ride both MX and DEZ although 80% DEZ.

3. why should you criticize DEZ guys when you don't even know our needs or Know us personally and our riding styles?

4.<font color=blue><h3>I AM a little different and that is what I like about other dez racers....They aren't cookie cuttered....ALL DIFFERENT.....no big deal!</h3>

There is nothing wrong with being different!

I will ride the 4 speed and give it a shot but if I need to I will gut a WR and get what I need.

No complaints here.

Afterall........No one , including me, has ridden the bike!

Peace my MX brutha! :)

I can not believe this is still going on :)

Too Funny :D

WA-Wa-WA I wanta 5 speed

4 speed suck

I want 3 I want 2

I want piece on earth and good will to all men (And Vegas Too :D )

Its DUmb Its Smart its smartDumb, Im buying a hanoda, I am buying anything with a 5 speed


Life Sucks with out 5th gear


Has anyone ridden one yet?



Is this thread about just spouting off on something that "NO-ONE" has a clue to how the bike performs

Answer Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss

But as always only the few, the ignorant, The Wanna-B's are upset :D

Oh Ya

and I want Claire Forlani, problm is I probably could not ride her any faster either, so what does it matter...


[ June 29, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Glen Helen on Thursday was not it regular choppy hack so I was able to use 5th gear on the start straight into the "nascar bowl turn" and the long, slightly downhill straight into the next corner. I coasted the turn in 4th, clicked 5th and tried to shift up again and was suprised to be in 5th. I'm not all that fast either, but GH conditions were right. Also in attendance: Emig, Antunez, Schnell, Sheak, Vuillemen, Tedesco, Bentley, Huffman. More fun watching than riding.

Originally posted by E.G.O.****:


Is this thread about just spouting off on something that "NO-ONE" has a clue to how the bike performs

Answer Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss

This post is so moronic and difficult to read (let alone understand) I shouldn’t reply, but I can’t help it:

I have a very good clue as to how the YZ 450 will perform. It will perform better than, but similar to, my YZ 426 in many ways. But it will have one less gear.

E.G.O., have you actually READ the posts in this thread? Most are garbage, like yours, but many make very good points. Go back, read them, and IF you have anything intelligent to add, please do so. Otherwise go irritate some other unsuspecting group.

Thank you.

On the other hand I like the picture you've added. What a babe, I was wondering what her name was...


C'mon fellas, 32 more posts to the 200 mark!!! I think this would be the all time LONGEST thread in the history of ThumperTalk!!!

Here is a quote from a somewhat unreliable source.... MXA

"A new four-speed transmission replaces last year's five-speed. All four gear ratios are higher to compensate for the increase in horsepower. The top speed is less than fifth gear on the YZ 426F, but it is the exact some ratio as running a 50-tooth sprocket on a YZ 426F-- which everyone did in 2002."

So, maybe the top speed is not up to par with the 02, but I am sure it will be pretty close. Let's face it, this bike was designed for motocross, not top speed. Stop complaining about a bike that no one has even thrown a leg over yet. Not too long ago everyone was so excited for the release of this bike and now that it is out (lighter than ever, larger displacement, etc.) everyone complains about the 4-speed. You want a 5-Speed go buy a WR; you want a purpose built motocross bike, that's faster than most of you can ride anyway... buy the YZ.


have you been in the heat have you read my post if you did you would know here name

I suggest you go back and re read the post goofball

Ya I read the posts there are allot of good points yes, If you did not have Texas for Brains I would let this pass, but I stated in my post very clearly I may add, the rants of the anti-4speed groups or Persons or Person.


you don’t like me do ya :)

that’s ok I don’t put to much intelligence in my posts so Sheeple like yourself will understand. :D

Am I bothering you yet, huh am I am I Am I Huh, Huh, Huh

Am I Am I Am I

Cheers bra just trying to hit 200

[ June 30, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

A lot seems to have been said on this topic, but the real and only truth is Yamaha is fighting a weight war with Honda and losing the 5th gear helps them in that battle at the expense of the bikes versabilty to do other things than just MX. As a diehard MX addict who does the occasional hare and hounds race I think it is a shame that the new bike is not 5 speeder, simply because Yamaha is trying to make the lightest bike. This argument also applies to the KTM 520 SX.

Interesting to see that the stock 4-speed will be the same top gear ratio as running a 50 tooth rear on the 02's....hmmm!!!! I think some people will be pleasantly surprised to find that the new 4-speed just may be everything the old 5 speed was, and STILL better for mx work.

Well it should not be too long now. Soon someone will have one to test and then we can lay the ju-ju-jungle-flames to rest :)

Originally posted by E.G.O.****:

Ya I read the posts there are allot of good points yes, If you did not have Texas for Brains I would let this pass, but I stated in my post

DOH! "Texas for brains?" Man...that's deep...LOL. Look where I am from!


just think...when youre in 4th and you click it up and find nothing you can be like, "hell yeah dude! im in top gear!"

or if you want the speed you can always put a smaller rear sprocket on it :)

If I find myself running the 2003 at my local track in the top of 4th all the time....either I need to wake up, or I need to be signed up! :)

Sorry therapture, did not mean to blanket all Texans, after all Me Brother Lives in Magnolia

So that Makes us KIN :):D

Originally posted by Lee Mason:

As a diehard MX addict...

I resemble that remark.... :)

(pushing for 200)

I was supposed to have my 4sp 450f this wk or next but my dealer said their allocations were change to at least AUG and maybe Sept. :)

I cant wait! :D

I was dissappointed and happy at the same time.

I was supposed to have the first one in UT but now probably wont have it til' SEPTEMBER but I am #1 on the list at the dealer and they are only getting "ONE" til' next year!

I think Yammy is pulling the Honda lmtd avail trick to keep the $$$ up to at least MSRP then have another release in jan or feb.??? IMHO :D

I will release the RIDERS test as soon as I get to ride it! In the debut edition of Thumpin'Rock Huckin' Magazine!! :D:D

Thumpin Rock Hucker


Would you think that the bikes would be delayed until all the Rags had a chance to ride and eval them.

Seems that would be a smooth move on Yamaha to kinda get the juices flowing more?

Dont know just a thought

[ July 01, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

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