Best way to fix bent subframe.

Dropped my front end on a triple and went for a ride. Now the subframe is sort of bent to the left. Just curious what the best way to fix it is? The seat is not affected by this but the pipe is. I need to slide it to the right about 1-2 inches. Either that or does someone have an 03 YZF subframe for sale?

The best way to fix it is with a BFH. Otherwise you can buy a subframe from AC Racing for $179...cheapest I have found unless you get lucky and find one on eBay.

Yep an if the BFH no worky,use an EBFH! :thumbsup:,just remove it and try an bend it back in line :awww:

i have bent several subframes and only the last one was so bad that i had to replace it(along with most of the stock exhaust). if you strip the airbox and most everything else off of the subframe and bolt it back to the bike, i bet you'll see that it's twisted to one side, not just bent unilaterally. have one or two buddies hold the front of the bike, and place a long pipe through where the airbox was, as far back as possible. then just give er' hell. it's not exactly easy, but it's worked for me--

good luck :thumbsup:

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