Octane Booster For 2004 WR450F

Is a good idea to add an octane booster to my fuel since the highest octane level I can get at the pumps here in Newfoundland is 91.5 or 92 and the bike requires an octane level of 95? :thumbsup:

Your bike requires 95 RON (Research Octane Number) which is equivalent to 91 PON (Pump Octane Number=Research Octane Number+Motor Octane Number/2). Octane boosters and aviation gas can be hard on your engine... My 426 only had a light ping under load in high gears between about 6000 and 7000 RPM on 92 PON, Esso then switched to 91 low sulphur gas. I backed off my ignition timing at the pickup on the stator and switched to a colder CR9EIX plug which helped a bit. I now mix with Sunoco 94 which I picked up about 300 miles away...

Thanks for the info. :thumbsup::awww:

I buy 110 race gas at $4.50 a gallon and mix it half and half with 85 pump for 97.5 octane to help the bike run cooler in the summer and it comes out to $3.33 a gallon or so.


if the bike runs okay and doesn't ping on pump gas, run it. gas does "go bad". so, always use fresh gas if you can.

Octane booster will eventually gum up your fuel lines and carb. It drops out of solution when you bike sits in between rides. I run 100 unleaded I get for $3.25/gal, bike runs cooler and starts easy.

Don't use it! :awww: Buy race gas instead and mix it with premium. :thumbsup:

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