Need front brake line

Well now like 98% of the parts on my "helluva deal" bike, my front brake line is now done for. The hole is elongated on the master cylinder end. Does anyone have an extra line lying around? One from a 400, 426, and 450 will fit. Maybe its just me, or does anyone else feel like throwing there bike off a cliff? I still need to buy chain and sprockets too. Thanks :thumbsup:

Great! PM or post your email here and I'll have you paypaled tomorrow or even tonight if you send the address fast enough. Thanks! :thumbsup:

Money is sent, thanks alot! I'd really appreciate it if you can ship it out tomorrow by any chance. If I'm lucky I might be able to ride next weekend!

Well how do you want to get paid?

You can open a paypal account for free at

Can you PLEASE open a paypal account! It's free and will be much faster then mailing back and forth. It takes 5 mins to open an account and you will have the money when you tell us its open.

If you really cant open an account then just pm me your address, I'll send the check out tuesday.

paypal sucks a$$ it took me two hours and it charged me like $1.98 for something. but maybe thats cuz im a farmer that doesn't know how to use a computer!

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