YZ 400F - Misc. Q's...


Just bought a 1999 YZ400F...No manual with it. I will be getting one but for now...Where is the oil filter? What about to drain the oil? I figured the one on the bottom of the motor and the one in the frame (down tube)...

I am a long time road racer (AMA Pro) but need serious help with dirt bikes! :thumbsup:


Mark Z.

AMA #196

FUSA #96

CCS #196

WERA #196

Look at your right side engine case, You will see three covers. The clutch on the left, the oil filter cover in the middle, and the water pump cover on the right. First drain the oil out of the oil filter by cracking open the hex head screw, then take out the 8mm bolts around the cover. Easy :thumbsup:

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you can get the shop manual for the 426 bikes (and alot of the stuff is virtually the same on the 400....such as oil changes etc) right here:

YZF Shop Manual

Oil change instructions are chapter 3-15 through 3-17.


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