95'XR628 pinging while rpm coming up HELP

I just bought this bike,it has been sitting for sometime.clean the carb and richen up the jet,BUT it pings hard as the rpm increases. +/- same rpm any gear.Also kick starter sticks down

I had a slight pinging problem (stock engine, low-mid RPM under load) that I solved by going up one on the pilot (I use a 70 at the lower elevations) and using a cooler spark plug (NGK DPR9EA-9). I always use 91 octane. I don't know much about the 628 kit but I think the compression is signifigantly higher than stock. You may need richer jetting or higher octane fuel. This Japanese guy has some jetting suggestions in the carburetor settings area: XR of XR's - XR 600 specs

If you need some pages out of the factory manual reagarding the kickstarter (broken spring?) shoot me a PM. Welcome to TT. :thumbsup::awww:

Thanks for the info I'll jump into the carb this week to see what I've got.and Brett Phx is 103 today ,so when I get this ping gone maybe you will show me some of the Cool Flagstaff trails. Donn Jeepnsw@aol.com


Good luck getting your XR sorted out. I put you in my riding contacts folder.

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