sticking slide

Anyone else have their carb slide stick? It happened to me today but I was lucky that it happened on a straight with no jumps. I just locked up the brakes and hit the kill button.

Once I was home and I changed my shorts, I started with the throttle assembly and worked my way down to the slide, which was stuck. I diconnected the linkage and found that the slide still wouldn't go up and down and it was actually stuck in the carb. I put my fingers in each side of the carb, while peering down the top, and applied pressure to release it. Release it did as it bounced off my forehead and on to the garage floor. Further inspection showed the slide valve (the part that connects to the slide) had a coating on it that decided to bubble up and bind the slide to the inside of the carb in a open position. I ended up using 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper to get the coating off. I reinstalled and went out and rode for an hour with no further problems.

If you haven't already, you may want to take your slide out and check it before it happens to you.

Dude, that stuff does not just "bubble up" for no reason, and it is there for a purpose. I would be checking my intake valves and the gas I'm using and check that plate regularly. A piece broke off mine on my 520SX and wedged itself between the head and the piston.

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