o-rings and copper washer sizes??

any body know the sizes of these???cheers all...

Wanna go riding some steep sh--t?head to South Island NZ :thumbsup:

04 YZ450F 14/50,tag fats apart from that stock+lovin it...

92 XR600 The brute..gone

92 CR250 Flight trainer..dead

86 XR250 Dead

For what location... the ones in the carb, the ones in the brakes, the others...?

We need more info - BTW, your manual has a list of bolts and torques, you may find what you are looking for in there...

Good luck,


cheers for reply sorry I was away in TT land..I was reffering to the one's on the oil bungs and lines...by the way bikes done 20 hr's think its safe to change filter every second change?I know the manual says so but ???sort of defeats the purpose of changing it with a 100 odd mls of dirty still lurkin...opinion greatyly appreciated... :thumbsup:

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