Pic of the '03 YZ450F! Ride Blue instead!

Well the cat is finally out of the bag! Info, specs, photos and VR tour.


Thump on!



for $6250 i'd rather own the new 4 stroke tm

Why would you rather work on errrr... I mean own a TM? those things are junk like the cannondales!

I am dying to find out if my super-set-up-modified forks and shock from my 2000 will fit on the 2003? :):D

i wonder how much of yamaha's profits will be used to fight for our rights to keep riding areas open?i wondering if they are trying to develop a non redsticker bike for calif.?i wonder if they are sitting around drinking saki and laughing at all the stupid americans buying new bikes when there will soon be nowhere to ride.

[ June 13, 2002: Message edited by: freestyle111 ]

Last week I spoke with one of the guys from Yamaha's race team. I told him I had a deposit on the new 450F. He said something that got me very excited about this new bike. He said if I liked the 250F I would love the new 450, because it handles more like the 250F than a 426. I am not sure about the 4 speed though. I do a fair amount of woods & desert riding. I may have to buy both a WR & YZ. I'll get the YZ then make up my mind, since it will be another 3 or 4 months for the WR's to arrive. The e-start in the woods is the hot ticket. Did a long ride the other day with a friend that rides a KTM 400EXC. By the end of the day everyone envyed him and that little magic button.

Sweet looking bike!! I hope my buddy gets one so I can ride it. I have to say the exhuast is about as ugly as my CRF's. It's way too long and will propbably twist the sub-frame like pretzel in a loopout. A big problem with CRF owners. I cut my exhuast 5 inches and it looks way better. I think the new YZF owners should consider this mod too.

I have an order in for a YZ-450. The bike looks really nice. I learned my lesson with the wierd bikes, resale on them is squat. I'm getting close to what I paid for my 02 426.

YEEEHAAAA I just called my dealer (Yamaha of Troy) to see where I was on the list. His response was, Dude your name's on the first one that comes in. (I put my deposit down a month ago) He couldn't give any pricing or an idea of what their allocation will be. He will let me know next week when the Yamaha rep shows up. No idea of actual delivery date either, but I'm hoping they'll be early!!

I love my 250f but I am tired of being smoked off the line in the vet class by 426's 450's & 520's. Now it's my turn. Oh boy, now that I said that I better start practicing my starts!

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