Super Tubes ?

Someone mentioned something about a kind of durable super tube a while back. I need to replace the tubes in my bike, I need something super durable as I go way out in the middle of nowhere and dont want a flat. What kind of tubes should I get ?

Bridgestone heavy duty tubes work for me. Way thicker than the stock tubes and generally less than 20 bucks apiece. Widely available in the States, not sure about Lima. :thumbsup:

The balls are interesting, but a bit eggspensive for me right now ! I will go with the Bridgestone Heavy Duty. Nothing good is available in Lima, and when it is it costs twice as much :thumbsup: I fly here in the states and go back and fourth all the time, so just buy all my stuff here :awww: Where is a good place to buy these tubes here in the states ?

I agree with Dan. The 'Ultra' Heavy Duty tubes are the hot ticket in my opinion towards greatly minimizing flats :thumbsup:

I have the Bridgestone Ultra's. Good luck mounting your meats...LOL. What's with the lil balls in them anyway? Ballance?

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