03 YZF weighs less...I dont think so...

they went to great pains to save every ounce they could but then you look at the pic and they made the muffler longer then on the 02 by a couple inches and even longer (possibly) then the ones on the 02 crf. In the mean time honda shortend theirs by about 2 inches on the 03 to about the approx. length of the 02 426. When a lot of us shortend ours this was a 2lb saving and yet they lengthened it. I think alot of you guys will be doing just what we did.

Maybe this is Yamaha's way of producing a quieter bike for the enviornmentalists and tree huggers. Can you have both, quiet and fast? Now if I cut it shorter or replace it at the track (or privately owned closed circut competition course), I've probably lost another 4 lbs and Yamaha has done their due dilligince to produce a more enviornmentally friendly product without throwing on an XT600 muffler.

I think its going to be a wicked bike, can't wait to hear how it rides!!! :)

but my canadian muffler, which is exactly the same length as the '03 muffler, sounds just as bit as loud as any stock american current 426

I was at the Yamaha dealer show and asked Doug Dubach many questions about the new 450. He said it weighs one pound less than a Honda on the same scale (232 vs 233). Oil still goes into the frame from the engine through a hose at the bottom of the down tube. You put oil in at the engine now instead of at the top of the frame in front of the tank, but you still have a dipstick on the side of the downtube. It does not have the seperate oil pump to pump oil in the frame though. He said this allowed in to hold a little more oil with out the weight penality. It has the small brake caliper on the rear like the Honda, but uses normal sized pads. Lots of little things done to save weight, but most of it was saved in the design of the new engine. Had a great time in Vegas.

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