Pic of my Yz450F


Let me know if you can see it???

No I can't.

I can't either...

I'd like to though... :thumbsup:

I can see it!

i can see it..

nice bike :thumbsup:

Working now... Maybe imagastation was down or something.

Sweeeet! :thumbsup:

Great looking bike. How do you like your FMF pipe combo? Looking at getting one myself and was wondering about the performance gain.

I can, nice bike! :thumbsup:

I'd move the bike back a bit on the stand, oh yeah nice looking ride.

Nice bike. Is that a Kenda Tyre on the rear? What are they like? I been using dunlop 739,756 and 755 since I bought my 426. Wouldnt mind a change though.

Your avatar isnt working either.

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