How to mount a # plate on front

Those of you who have mounted # plates instead of the light, where have you put all of the switches ,conectors,ect. that hide behind the light?

I did this on my 98 WR, but it did not have nearly as much junk lurking there.Main thing is the new on/off switch.


I have a 01WR426 with a Baja designs kit.

There is a lot of wires up front because of the kit. Front blinker wires, headlight wires, horn wires, not to mention the harness wires that control the rear signals as well as the kill switch. I also leave the stock harness on along with the Baja Designs Harness. I just try to take my time and bundle everything up with some zip ties maybe even some tape. Then cram the number plate on. Just take your time and route the wires as best as you can. Then slap on the plate and go race!!!

I just left them there. I used a couple of zip ties to mount the plate and it works great. The hard part is relocating your on\off button. I put mine on my bar mounts. It hides under my bar pad and looks pretty good. Most people think I have a YZ untill I start it up :thumbsup:

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