I posted that question on the yellow side but wanted to have some more opinions about this.

What do you guys think of the DR650. How does it compare to the XR650l in terms of power and suspension (how much HP and torque do they provide)? Good bike or not?


i think you'll find the dr compares more with a KLR650 kaw. the honda has it on both of them in the dirt. you don't see dr's and klr's racing in the desert but i know a couple buddies that rode klr's through alaska.

The DR engine is a good motor. You can actually get really good power out of it. It will take some basic mods but it's possible. Basic mods on the XR will yeild good results as well. Both bikes are really choked up. Motors need to breath. The suspension is another story. The XR 650L is much better in the offroad stuff. If your going to spend most of your time on the road get the DR650. If you plan to do any let's say hearty off road or even really tough offroad go with the XR. Both are good bikes.

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