Oil and filter changes

How often do you guys change your oil and filter on the 450?

Vet28 changes his oil after every 2 rides (4-5 hours). His filter goes every 10 hours.

It's cheap piece of mind. Depending on how/where you ride that is.

Some go 15 hours on a filter.

Vet28 :thumbsup:

I just changed my oil and filter for the first time today. Wow! So much more complicated then on my 2-stroke. Had fun doing it though. Something like four drain plugs, oil filter, oil screen, etc... all new stuff to me. One thing, when I removed the frame drain bolt oil gushed all over my front tire. Big mess but I won't make that mistake again. Live and learn.

Usually no real need to remove the screen from the frame. I take it out about every 30 ours and it's very clean. I change my oil every 5 hours and my filter every 10 hours.

I change both oil and filter every 5 times I ride.

I change my oil every 2-3 hours and filter every other oil change. Cheap insurance.

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