Crazy Idea ????

Ok hold on this gets a little weird. I just installed an auto-clutch on my WR 426 so now I don't have a clutch lever which is diffrent but its working real well. So before I put the auto-clutch on I had a Magura hydrualic setup on the bike so this is my thought.

Take the Magura and mount the slave cylinder down on the back of the brake pedal so that the magura becomes a hydrualic brake instead of a clutch. What do you think?

I'm thinking that with the adjustable stroke I could almost set the amount of braking power applied at the clutch/brake lever. I know that there are some other guys that have done this type of setup with a cable but I've never rode one and I wonder if its worth the time and expense.

sounds like cool use of un-used parts. but why would you want a rear brake on the bars? when I'm going down something nasty i like using my foot for the rear. i also like to hold on with all my fingers on the left hand :thumbsup:.

I guess I was thinking about it from a cornering standpoint. Being able to slide the rear brake in a RH corner with the RT foot off the peg.

try it. let us know how it is. and take some pictures. :thumbsup:

it's not crazy at all. a lot of auto clutch owners have been trying to figure this one out. i think the recluse guys are working on a kit themselves. the guys that ride some of the "screw up and you die" stuff in colorado would love it. both feet off the pegs and only a front brake. scary.

Alot of people have come up with hydraulic handlebar mounted rear brake levers but in each instance I've seen they've had to disable the rear brake pedal. Rekluse is working on a prototype that will put the lever on the bars and allow you to retain the foot pedal as well. I've thought about coming up with something but I really want to keep the foot pedal.

I wouldn't even give it a try if I had to give up my brake pedal. I think however that this can be done with the magura fairly easily because the pressure line is connected to the oil sump when the lever is out. So with any luck the slave cylinder should move without restricting brake pedal movement.

The issue is that if you do have dual activation points the pressure from one will force fluid into the other resevoir if both are not appleid at the same time. :thumbsup: I think it is best to stay with the pedal set up.

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