i think we have love connection

i have question for yznvegas and bambislayer.are you lovers?ive been reading thru post and sounds like your having lovers quarrel.you need to stop fighting.just think of the great makeup sex you could have!

Freestyle only in New York City and San Francisco do men do that to each other. In most areas of the country men only touch each other when they shake hands.

[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: beezer ]

LOL........ :D:D:)

Hey I am not the one hanging out with a bunch a dudes alone in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Why don't you borrow your frinds kneepads and get on your "sweet" little wr with all the fantastic stickers and come this way and find out. I guess since Vegas is on the way to Atlanta, you would have to stop and get your baggy pants dirty wrestling around with yznvegas, but thats only assuming your new exhaust guard hasn't burned another hole in your freeride gear. You must be really bored to read what we wrote and come up with that, or homophobic which we all know is sure sign that when work as a carpenter, you yourself is the one playing with the wood.

Hey Freestylye, considering you live in the Bay area, you might be the one who is a little, well shall we say, light on his feet. :)

Someone in SF calling someone else a homo?

Ya never know about those freestylers, they'er into all kinds of "edgy" stuff.

i didnt say you were gay[politically correct]i merely ask if you were lovers.all you had to say was no.as for rolling around on ground with yznvegas sure sounds like you are speaking from experience.i myself will pass thats really not my thing.im glad to see you guys have made up.

[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: Bambislayer ]

we haven't made up. we won't. there is no reason. i pick on all of you equally. affirmative action on thumpertalk. everyone is treated the same when they say stupid stuff.

well you heard it yznvegas your relationship is over.ill be honest with you "i think he was cheating on you with ego anyways"egos probably moving to atlanta as we speak.

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