Need chain but which one?

Ok I just got done putting new plastics,graphics,tires and rear sprocket on the YZ 426.I went up to a 52t rear but now the chain does not fit.I don't want to add another master seeing it has 2 already.Is it better to get an X or an O-ring chain?

x-ring will be slightly less drag and should last a tad longer. On bikes this big I don't think you will notice the drag difference. The question is how much do you want to spend. Good x-ring chains range from around $75 to much over $100, depending on which brand and model you want.

Is there any brand I should stay away from?

If you want to lose horsepower buy an X or O ring. If you dont buy that new Renthal chain that is extremely high tinsle strength and doesnt have O rings. They rob your horsepower.

Any name brand should be good. DID, Regina, Renthal, Moose, etc.. I think the moose is actually another bran re-branded. As for sealed vs. standard; Mabye you would notice the drag on an 80cc or maybe even a 125cc bike, but on a 450 4-stroke I very seriously doubt you will notice any difference at all from using a sealed chain, even if you are trying to notice a difference. And the added life (for both chain and sprockets) and lack of maintenance required is a major bonus.

Get a DID erv-2! rite sir thump? :thumbsup:

Get a DID erv-2! rite sir thump? :thumbsup:

That's what I run. :awww:

I only use one chain. DID 520 ERT. Cheers!

The Orings and Xrings are not worth the hassel. Once they get stiff, they are done. Buy a non-o ring chain.

I run the EK MRDL chain. Lighter than the DID ERT, all the links are drilled. Warning on this chain, you cannot use a chain breaker! The pins are that tough! You have to grind off the heads of the pins. Many of the privateer teams run this chain with no stretch for an entire season on 60hp 450s.

I think the chain sellers are scammers. I doubt very much that they make their own chains. I am guessing they come off of big rolls that are used in conveyer belts and a million other applications.

I am using primary drive chains, they meet oem specs and cost half what the others go for. As soon as they show a little wear I replace them.

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