Ti4 exhaust melting my sidepanel!!!!

I just put new graphics on my bike and put the FMF ti4 on.

One moto and I found the rear bolt on the exaust around the clamp on the rear of the canister melted right through the side panel :thumbsup: Has this happened to anyone else. Ant tips on how I can adjust it?

i safety wire a few turns of exhaust header wrap around my silencer,it acts like a heat shield,works great,its out of sight with the number plate on it,hope this helps :thumbsup:

yeah thats what i was gonna suggest.

Just saw some sweet carbon sidepanels for a KTM - wish they had some for the Yammies - sure they'd solve the problem. Maybe time to get some made :thumbsup:

My side panel HAS heat tape on it from the factory. Working good so far.

your pipe should have come with some aluminum spacer washers that go in between the side panel and the frame. they will push the panel out about 3/8ths to a 1/4 inch away, enough to keep it from melting.

Just go to home depot or lowes and purchase a roll of aluminum tape for $2.50 and put 3 layers on the inside of the cover... Problem solved...

It's worked for years on mine...

Bonzai :thumbsup:

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