stock titanium pipe?

does the stock titanium pipe on the 2003 will weight something around my dsp ti pipe?

can i use the 2000 dsp pipe on the 2003?

gal - give it a chance mate....the bike's only been out a few hours - I don't think anyone will have the answers yet... :)

But inquiring minds want to know.


ok - in that case I'm guessing that it won't fit. Because the barrel is meant to be taller, so the header will be positioned higher up, so a pre-03 header probably wont meet up with the 03 muffler.....

also its a 450, i would think putting a 426 pipe on it would cork it down a bit because it needs to flow more exhaust


Just let me know if you want to sell that DSP pipe of yours.


IM betting very little engine wise is going to be a swap from the 03 to anything other than an 04. Wheels maybe, but I bet the rest is unique.

I bet that the riders are interchangable. I've been riding an '01. It looks like I would fit on that '03 like glove!!!

Well I think its more of an ergo and cylinder thing more than anything. It wont cork it down. Now putting a 250f pipe would, but I can almost bet that the pipe size is the same. The pipe on the 400/426 is huge I dont think it would get any bigger. I just don't think the ergo's are the same so I dont think it will fit. The 400/426 are very similar chassis so thats why they were more compatible. If it does work I will be pulling my Yoshi off (does that sound gross or what).

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