Exhaust Wars Yoshi, Supertrapp, White Bros, FMF, Big Gunn ???

i've read the archived post on pipes and headers. Now i'm really lost.i'm leanin toward the yoshimira tek series setup. i'm unsure if want or need a new header., or if i should stay with the stock header. my bike has been uncorked other than that she's pretty much stock.

(Acerbis hand and fork/disk guards, clarke 4.7 tank, uni filter w/ cage, dunlop 606's, magnetic drain plugs).

i'm waiting for the exhaust to rejet her.

i wanna wake the beast up. noise isn't a problem for me here in florida.

Thanks in advance...

braided lines are on the way.

i had a hell of a time getting info as you are yourself looking for. but what i did see is that the stock header is going to leave you with more bottom end! as far as the pipe i did not see anything that hands down had better numbers all the way around over what the stock pipe with an HRC tip in it could do, and another bonus with the stock is you don't have to worry about re-packing it. only down fall is it looks like a big ol' garbage can on the back. the only pipe that really is swaying me is the Akapovich pipe (please excuse me if the spelling is off) just a little on the pricey side and i figured for the money-to-hp ratio it was not worth it to me. there is a ton of other worth while mods i can invest in at this time (my opinion)like a near future HRC power up kit.

good luck

keep the stock pipe. spend your money on suspension and tires.

noise is a problem everywhere, nobody lives in a vaccum.

and anyway, the exhaust companies are ripping people off. they are modern snake oil salesmen.

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