Bent Front Rim

Hey guys, last night in the heat of the fray, front end of 426 started to snowplow. After the race i found that sometime my front tire had gone flat. There seems to be no damage to the front tire but the rim has two slight bends(???). One is slightly visible and both can be felt. Does this require a whole new rim change or will it be ok. Like I said, the one you can see if you look hard enough and you can feel it. The second you might not see if you are looking but you can feel it. Am I good for the rest of the season if I just repair the flat??? Help!!!

Someone who has done a lot of work with wheels may be able to straiten it out enough to use the rest of the season for you (or longer).

Thanks for the reply sir, I'm looking locally for someone to give me a hand. He did say that there are alot of enduro/ hare scrambles type riders who get alot of mileage out of way worse rims. Peace of mind for me at least.

I wouldnt sweat it too much, i ride cross-country and bend the crap out of them all the time , as long as it dosn't look like a taco let it go. jimbo

i know a guy who does wheel repair and lacing.i dont know how much shipping from canada to use would cost you.But this guys prices are pretty cheap and he's probably the best wheel in USA.i know he taught guys from Wheelcraft how to lace and true.he does all mine and my buddies rims. Kelly Moss San Jose,CA. phone#[408]254-0440

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any good cycle place or even bmx place should be able to true your wheel enough to give you a season's ride on it. if your so inclined, it can be done half-assed without even removing the wheel from the bike (youll need to to fix the flat though)

You can ride on it until it breaks. I have seen guys take a rubber mallet and smack the bends flat and then they are fine. Excell rims will break on the seam after alot of abuse but not just on a flat spot.

Been busy with yard work this weekend, but am fixing the flat tonight. The rubber mallet sounds good though, I think it'll be ok, it was just not having dealt with this before that was worrying me. The replies gives a little peace of mind though!

Freestyle111, will this guy fix bent rims w/o hubs or spokes? I have a few sets of Front & rear Excels that need to be corrected...

One more thing guys, I've got a couple of egg'd spoke nipples that Yamaha will not sell individually. But for $88.00 I can get a full set. Anyone know where you can get individual spoke nipples or even in sets of 1/2 dozen or so.

I lost a spoke a few weeks ago and went to the local shop to find the same, that they don't sell spokes individually. However, the shop decided to buy a set for themselves to keep on hand for people who don't need a whole set and are going to sell me an individual spoke. Maybe you can convince your shop to do the same...


Originally posted by MateoB:

Maybe you can convince your shop to do the same...


Good Idea, never thought about that. Worth a try, thanks.

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