Movie: WR450 power

here is my mule doing its thing.

Right click "save target as"

this will be one of my last vids made from "hand held" footage. helmet cam soon. :lol:

here are some stills for you poor dial-up folks :awww:.







SV, Nice... :thumbsup: You gotta love that sweet WR!!!!!

Great job!


Great video man... You really have that one wheel thing down pat. :thumbsup:

Sweet... :thumbsup:

im sorry about the lack of dirt footage. but when we go riding, no one ever wants to stop for camra set up. :thumbsup:

Can't say I blame them a bit!! :thumbsup:

is it just me, I cant seem to get it to work.

I saved target as, but when it opens i only hear music and there is no video :thumbsup:

I get the same; my problem (I think) is our IT dudes dont let any of us install anything on our computers...I am not up to date on my codecs and download and install them so I cant see some videos...

600!! yay :thumbsup:

cool, its working :thumbsup:

how do you do those wheelies when your standing on the seat,

looks great :awww:

stand on the seat, gas it, and lean back.

sweet :awww:, I can't wait till im crazy enough to do that,

Im almost getting my sitting down balance wheelies but i need to cover the back brake incase i go to far :thumbsup:

sweeeeeeeeeet!!! :thumbsup:

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