Edelbrock Quick Silver is it worth the money?

My Question only to those of you who have, or have had a Edelbrock Carb on a xr 650r. How much is this carb worth in terms of what it did for your bike? Would you pay full retail for it again if you bought another 650r that did not have the carb already on it? Would you pay 100 bucks for it on E-bay, but could live withouth it?

Thanks in advance for your knowledge,Reggie Barnsdale

i would pay full retail again :thumbsup: - in my opinion the pig needs 3 things...........

1. suspension

2. stablizer

3. edlelbrock

jeff :awww:

Carefull, $100 on ebay, make shure your getting a pumper carburetor for the XR650R and Not a non-pumper that some get for the XR650L....it just says for a xr650 and it's not for the XR650R. I haven't seen one there lately but, they came up and throw guys for a loop. I have a Mikuni and Rob Barnum is putting a Edelbrock on my BRP after he runs the Baja 500...I'll get a real comparsion and some dyno numbers if all goes well.

Yes the dyno numbers with a graph would be sweet! How do I tell a pumper from standard if its on E-bay and all you have to go by is the picture? :thumbsup:

Thanks in advance

I would pay 400.00 again in a heart beat! :thumbsup: I just put one on my 650r and have got it tweaked (Which is extremely easy to set up and adjust)I also modified the air box cover for greater air intake. I am running stock exhaust with HRC tip and a uni filter. ( i ride on tight hilly terrain with occasional fields in eastern ohio ) These changes made a hell of a difference on bottom end performance and with the air box lid mod, it down right sings on top end!

The best thing about the quicksilver that is worth its weight in gold is that i can start the bike cold or hot in a pair of floppy nike SANDELS!! (easy fella's--only when tinkering with the BRP) Believe it or not! this carb does not even have a choke on it and it starts with one kick COLD! and i full proof tested it with a triple backwards gainer and slid down a high wall and after the dusk cleared and i dusted her off the b1tch started on the second sick! :awww:

The easy starting is worth buying it and the performance addition is just a plus, the way i looked at it!

I also agree that the suspension mod is a must to customize the BRP to your specs! All the horse power in the world is no good if you can't hook up to the ol' terra-ferma!

good luck

Ask if it's a pumper and he won't answer :thumbsup: That's what I did...If it's a pumper that's the first thing they will right because that's what is wanted! If it's a pumper it probably won't be new! www.barnumspro.com is the best place to get a new one...Rob help set this thing up for the XR650R in the first place :awww:

I would buy it again. It didn't do much for the top end but the one kick starting even after you dump it is too nice to pass up. I had the stock carb down to 1 or 2 kicks to start but when you dumped it, well the bike usually flooded and then I had to go through the drill. Which is no fun when your already getting tired.

Yes it is worth it! Bought mine from Rob Barnum. Best thing about the carb is how easy it is to start the bike now especially after a fall. Not sure about power. It might have a little more in the mid range. I would be interested in seeing some dyno numbers also.

yes, If mine fell off I would buy another without question. And if it fell off the next day I would buy another. It is that good. I got it from Barnums also. Rob is the man don't you know.

I'd buy them again for our bikes.

* Simple / quick tuning

* Improved off idle throttle response

* One kick starts most of the time even after a fall

* Consistant performance on rough terrain, hills, etc.

* Friendlier when riding at different altitudes

Is this part # the good one or bad one for a xr650R

DS 289170 VN-P# 8644


Sorry, I don't know what those part numbers are or the correct number for the kit. Rob Barnum would have the correct number for the kit since he sells it at a discount. He also worked at Edelbrock doing R&D for a number of years and can provide service above and beyond other shops when it comes to these carbs should you ever need it. He's also a ThumperTalk partner :thumbsup:

Rob's racing the Baja 500 this week, but his wife 'Denise' knows the details of these kits (760) 868-8097 / sales@barnumspro.com

Are you still sitting there???

Get the phone in hand... and call Rob. If you haven't ordered one already... you're missin' out!!!

The first instance I knew I needed one;

Came over a razor back in Glamis... Haulin arse... and she popped and sputtered and died. Well, ever take a 300lb pig off a 25' or large razorback with no motor?!?! It really sucks.

Just to be sure... ride the pig and pull the clutch in over a jump... coming up the ramp side. You'll soon see why you need a pumper. (I noticed the g-outs of large whoops or jumps will make the bike pop and sputter or die... this is the main reason I bought one) The one kick starting was just a plus.


I tryed e-mailing & calling and no one answers recording says they will be back June 7th. Auction will be ended by then. How about this? Does the same quicksilver work for a 600r as a 650r??? DS 289170 VN-P# 8644

No, they're different carbs. Edelbrock also makes two different versions of the XR600 carb, the common one that most people know about and a special unadvertised one for XR600's with a big bore kit. I found the part number for the Edelbrock XR650R carb which is '3115' according to Edelbrock's web site at...


the part # on my box says.......................


honda xr650r pumper

sries carb

maybe try calling edelbrock????

jeff :thumbsup:

ROB BARNUM IS AT THE BAJA 500! Won't be back till the seventh. Hope he wins. :thumbsup: Better not have taken my bike to win the race though! :awww::lol:

Thanks For All The Help :thumbsup:

3115 narrows it down perfect!

I'd buy them again for our bikes.

* Simple / quick tuning

* Improved off idle throttle response

* One kick starts most of the time even after a fall

* Consistant performance on rough terrain, hills, etc.

* Friendlier when riding at different altitudes

everybody here rants and raves about the easy tuning

(that's why I'm getting one too) but it leaves me with questions.

looking at your settings it seems you have one needle at "x" clicks and the pumper at "x" screws outward.

(1 needle, 2 adjustment settings in total)

compared to the stocker or the mikuni TM40 that's not a lot..

Isn't it so that more jets and needles (thus more adjustment settings) allowes for preciser tuning?

Ed (from Holland)

Hi Ed, call me stupid but I got the Dynojet kit for the stock Keihin. In their troubleshooting guide they show a graph of what the problem is at certain throttle positions. Take a look (this is a recollection):

0%-10% throttle = low speed idle screw

10%-35% throttle = slow jet

10%-70% throttle = needle

35%-100% throttle = main jet

Now the interesting thing is, in the kit there was no slow jet. Only a main jet, needle, and damper spring. But the key here is the needle. It looks radically different than stock, so the changes that a slow jet would have made has already been implemented in the needle geometry. As long as the right amount of fuel and air is making its way into the engine, the bike will run. It sounds like Edelbrock must have found a simpler way. That may be a good thing! :awww:

P.S. Ever run a bike by holding a rag with gas on it over the intake manifold? Starting fluid works too, but is quite dangerous... :thumbsup:

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