The New Bike!

It looks very nice! Alll you folks out there getting hung up on weight figures and number of gears in the tranny and whatever else are missing the point! How well does it work as a total package? Does it holeshot well, can I turn faster lap times on it? How reliable is it? I have a lot of confidence that Yamaha has just released a very evolved and refined version of the bike most of us already love riding. The boys in the red camp seem to love coming over here and starting trouble. The only thing they seem to have for ammunition is the weight numbers and Yamaha just closed that gap considerably. Besides, you don't go fast on these bikes with muscle anyway. So forget all these numbers and specs and lets see how the thing works!

MotoMike, I could not have said it better!!!!!!!!


All I would like to know right now is can I get that tank and shrouds to fit my 01. Those rad shrouds with smaller holes look a ton better, and I wont hit my knee inside when I go from standing to sitting going into a turn.

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