WR450 Brake Line Ruptured!!!

I was coming down this nasty hill with the rear brake dragging and the front just keeping my speed down to a reasonable pace and BAM, the bike just started to slide faster and faster and I wondered what this fluid all over my goggles was at that moment. I pulled the brake lever harder and it bottomed out and I said to myself "Oh oh...". Then I finally wrecked out... Then I had to walk it to the bottom of this hill with no front brake, what a treat that was...

I have never liked the brake line setup on my 04 WR450. If anyone has one they will know what I am talking about. It goes down then up and then down and there is alot of strain on the line right were it turns down into solid tubing. That is where it split open.

Has anyone had this happen? Has anyone repelaced the line with a YZ line or another brand that is superior? Ideas welcome here, thanks.



Honda routed braided steel line is what I use. Will not rupture. :thumbsup:

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