No more stator rewinds from Baja Designs

I got sick of only being able to run a 35W headlight and called Baja Designs today to ask about the stator rewind for my '99. (They advertise a 130W stator rewind for $130.) They told me that their rewinds 'don't do any good, their ads are wrong' and that I should just buy a new 2000 stator. I'm pretty sure the output is 120W on the 2000 stator, so I looked into it. The best price I found was at at $149.59 'out the door'. So, it's only a few dollars more (if you include shipping back and forth to Baja Designs) and it's new. We'll see if it can keep up with a 55/60W bulb.

Are there any 2000 WR owners who run 55/60W bulbs along with a dual-sport kit and are happy with it? It's too late for me, though, since I already ordered it.


I can't answer your question directly. From what I understand, the 2000 stator works well, even when brake light on using turn signal.

From personal experience, I don't DS but it does run both bulbs at the same time (wired them that way) and runs heated grips concurrently. The lights are a little dim at idle, but when riding even low RPM's everything is bright.

If you use a battery, that will help at stop lights with the turn signal on a lot.

It should work OK, I wonder how loud the horn will be with the brakes on?

Good luck,


Thanks, Mike. My current (no pun intended) stator almost keeps up with all the electrics. I've tried a 55/60 bulb a couple of times. It seems to work well at first, when the battery is fully charged, but things kind of slow down the longer I ride as the battery drains down. Hopefully, the extra 40W will make the difference.

When I see someone mention heated grips it always makes me chuckle. It seems like an oxymoron--heated grips on a dirt bike--because around here, staying cool is the name of the game. That's what happens when you live in Florida your whole life.

Yeah, I'm sure if I lived in the south, heated "anything" wouldn't concern me :)

Up here in Ohio it allows you to extend your riding season into Winter. I actually use them in the spring and fall, especially in the morning when it's real cool. It helps keep my arms from getting pumped up.

Hope the new stator is enough to keep you happy. I think it will do the trick!

Mike from Ohio

I'm happy with the 35/35W bulb on my 2000 WR. Works great with the turn signals front/back brake and horn on.

Was running 55/60, nice and bright but turn sigs often stop working often as battery discharges, depending upon the type of riding. I now run the 35/35. I once bought 2 spares, and have 3 55/60 lights - if someone wants to make me an offer I'll mail em to ya.


00WR400, BD Dual Sport Kit, Airbox lid removed, UFO Dakar Hand Guards, Panoram Computer, Ottawa, Canada

Originally posted by BillS:

Was running 55/60, nice and bright but turn sigs often stop working often as battery discharges, depending upon the type of riding.

My 99 did the same thing with the 35W bulb, but I found that increasing the idle slightly has all but eliminated that problem. When I put in the 55/60 bulb, the battery can't keep up no matter what I do.

It usally is, I will have to look at the set up and the schems, even if it is, you can put a full wave in front of the regulator rectifier as long as you test it out for polarity. It shold not hurt it to put straight DC into it, the regulator will do its job then and keep the hi revs from blowing the bulbs. I will have to dig around to see if this is true about the stocker having a half wave jober in it and if it can be beefed up with a full wave. I have had to do this to many older 2 stroke bikes that dont have battaries to get a bit more power from them. Interesting as I some day hope to get the bike on the road too.

A guy told me the bike uses a half wave rectifier durring the AC to DC conversion. He said switching it to a full wave is the way to go. I have not verified that the stocker is a half wave or two diode one yet but I know a full wave is about 25% more efficent. May be the cheap way to go. Radio shack sells High current full wave bridge rectifiers intigrated into one device for like 5 bucks. I have like 6 laying around my bench some where.

I think the rectifier is part of the voltage regulator, at least with the BD kit. Would this improved rectifier be used in addition to the regulator, or what? How would you wire it?

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