Yamaha doesn't sell the AC pump arm?????

My throttle slide plate broke a couple of months ago during a ride in the snow. When it happened I first thought that the carb had iced up and while I was trying to chip a bit of ice away, I broke the little plastic lever that connects the throttle linkage to the AC pump. I emailed the dealer to ordered the plate and arm and a few other things.When the package with the plate arrived, a note said that some things were backordered. I assumed that the AC arm was one of them. I've been riding without it but it's not great. I called the dealer today to see what the holdup was and they informed me that the little plastic AC lever cannot be ordered seperately, I would have to order a complete carb for $1500 to get it! Does anybody know where I can get one of these before I start whittling one out of a walrus tusk?


Make one up out of delrin, that stuff is awesome.

What the heck is delrin and is it affected by freezing? :thumbsup:

Delrin is a plastic that is shaped pretty easily I have made parts from it before you can buy some on ebay for pretty cheap.

This definition of Delrin is from the Dupont site.

Delrin® acetal resin emerged from DuPont's efforts to capitalize on the success of nylon and the growing post World War II market for plastics and other synthetic materials. Efforts to develop a tough and heat resistant metal substitute began in the early 1950s, and by 1952 chemists in the Polychemicals Department had synthesized an inflexible polymer from formaldehyde that assistant research director Frank C. McGrew called "synthetic stone" and DuPont named Delrin®.

After four years of development DuPont patented Delrin® in 1956 and began construction of a 20-million pound annual-capacity production plant at Parkersburg, West Virginia, completed in 1960. As manufacture commenced, total research and development costs for the project topped $50 million dollars. DuPont fully expected to recover these costs by marketing Delrin® as a general substitute for nonferrous metals, but a patent dispute and stiff competition held profitability down. As a result, DuPont focused subsequent research efforts on more sophisticated and specialized engineering polymers.

Despite its troubled beginnings, Delrin® thrived in the long run and has been steadily improved over the years. Today, Delrin® is a mainstay of DuPont's engineering polymers line and is widely acclaimed as a lightweight but durable low wear, low friction plastic for electronic office equipment, advanced conveyor technology, and automotive applications.

Could ya be a bit more specific? :awww: Just kidding, Thanks, I'll look into it but I think I could get a tusk a lot quicker. :thumbsup:

Look here Sudco and look at the parts diagram or online catalog. it looks like part #65 in the diagram

Thanks Littlefoot. I posted this on the YZ site and someone there suggested SUDCO also. It is #65. I called them today, the arm was only 3 bucks. A bit cheaper than $1500 for a new carb.

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