Yamaha doesn't sell the AC pump arm????

My throttle slide plate broke a couple of months ago during a ride in the snow. When it happened I first thought that the carb had iced up and while I was trying to chip a bit of ice away, I broke the little plastic lever that connects the throttle linkage to the AC pump. I emailed the dealer to order the plate and arm and a few other things.When the package with the plate arrived, a note said that some things were backordered. I assumed that the AC arm was one of them. I've been riding without it but it's not great. I called the dealer today to see what the holdup was and they informed me that the little plastic AC lever cannot be ordered seperately, I would have to order a complete carb for $1500 to get it! Does anybody know where I can get one of these before I start whittling one out of a walrus tusk?


I say use the walrus tusk! :thumbsup:

Well you have a few options. Get the measurements and have a machine shop make one from aluminum or steel. Make 5 of them and sell off the extras. Should make it about a no cost thing then.

Or go buy a new carb. You can go Edelbrock or get one from a 426, 450 or CRF 450 and a remote hotstart.

In a worst case, YZFan has had excellent results with the Edlebrock carb. Said it made his bike into a new bike, completely cured his bog problem. He got it new in the box on eBay, I think under $200, he can tell you more details.

-try some local bike shops,usally they have junk street bike carbs laying around for parts&those carbs are in most jap streetbikes-or you could just try carbpartswharehouse-they may have a websitr not sure-they are in the small adds in the back of most mx mags

Boys, I can hit the Arctic Circle from here with a snowball. :thumbsup: There are no bike shops or machine shops or MX magazines. :awww:

It's hard to believe that the Edelbrock carb is so inexpensive. I just paid $148 for my throttle slide plate (the slide itself is $500) and $105 for the idle adjustment knob/cable. If I had've known I would've got an Edelbrock in a heartbeat.

Looks like you gonna have to make a new part,just be sure to make it from something that will not turn brittle with the cold weather you get! :thumbsup:

Hey Frostbite,

My bike is at work, but I'll check it out tomorrow. I think I can make one with the old waterjet & a little tig welding. I'll email you tomorrow.

Did you try carb parts warehouse or Sudco? Both carry parts and jets for FCR carbs.



I just checked Sudco's website and they list the part separately - Part No. 021-740 1100-915-70000

Look under "Keihin Carbs" then "MX"

Thanks boys, sorry for the late reply. For some reason this post was showing no new replies since my last entry so I stopped checking it. Ground hog emailed me and pointed out that someone had put up a site. Thanks for that Groundhog and thanks for the site 2320. Gotta love this site :thumbsup:

Just got off the horn with Sudco. They have the part in stock and are sending it today, 3 bucks! Thanks anyway for offering to make one Groundhog.:thumbsup:

I actually had mine break too and had to find a spare carb off ebay because sudco said they didn't have it. whatever. If somebody was going to machine parts I'd pay $15.00 for a little aluminum that I didn't have to worry about. Glad you got yours cheap though. :thumbsup:

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