Cool YZ450F website.

The specs say that it is a dry sump...

Specs also say it only holds 1.2 liters of oil.

The spec I noticed the greatest was the 5 mm shorter. What did they shorten? The backbone again? The trail in the fork? What?

I hate that rear fender, but hey, who the heck am I?

They do have gear ratios for the WR posted there, same as the WR 426 everywhere except the primary ratio which is one tooth taller.

New WR gas tank holds 2.6 gallons...

Should I just move over to the WR side right now? I already know what my first post will be:

"Removing lights, battery & e-start from WR450."

Call me crazy but, I hate how the tank and shrouds look. :)

its a dry sumped engine??

and the chassis has an integril tank

I like the new tank/shrouds. The only problem is that my wife will now Know I have bought a new bike. This never was a problem 98-02, I just told her I had bought new plastic every year, he he. But then again officially I haven't bought a new bike for 5 years so I guess it is going to be okay. :):D:D

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