Riding Review of 03

So I know that some of you guys are getting the 03, and when you do I would like to hear from fellow TTr's what they think of the new bike including the 4 speed, bigger bore, less weight, and other stuff like that. I want to know what motoman393 thinks of it after he swings his leg over the new bike.

The first 450f should arrive late August (that is what my boss told me) so I should be ready to ride late August (man I better keep saving, only 2 more months to get the rest of the money LOL) I will post a full review when I get to swing a leg over it, and Im sure tons of other people will too (I promise it wont be biased hehe) I cant wait...


[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: motoman393 ]

what?! aren't you gonna grease it before your first ride?!?! :)


LOL you know it!!

what do you guys think of the 4 speed tranny? and what exactly is it going to do for the bike? is it just like taking off the 5th gear to save weight? or are all the gears wider? and what is it going to do to the top speed?

3 speed 5 speed or 6 speed. Its the highest(4th) gear ratio that will determine the speed and it looks like that hasn’t changed much. Remember they will only remove gears if the bike makes enough power to justify it. I just hope the weight issue things for real. :)

KINDA like Christmas in August!!!

I thought they said 2AUG02 dealer avail.......

whatever that means!

dealers order then?

bikes arrive then?

Bikes shipped then?

Bikes leave Japan then?


so many questions.......so MUCH time!!!

first there was the countdown to the 9pm pst on last thursday now this.............

44 days


1 min

33 seconds!!!!!!LOL :):D

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