Thunder Alley Fit

Just recieved my Thunder Alley silencer, and am wondering about the install. Is it just a straight slip on? Or has anybody used anything to try to seal it up @ the joint? All I have done so far is ride it around the block. It seems to be sealed OK. Just curious, since my stock clamp won't work either there is really nothing to secure the joint but the slip fit. Thanks.

Yes it is a straight slip on. You need to put some high temp sealant on the fit. I had trouble jetting it with the needle. I bought 13 needles and gave up and went back to stock pipe. I was happy with the power but the needle taper could never let me get the jetting right. I was always lean at the diameter and rich at the tip. I hope you have better needle jetting luck then I did. :thumbsup:

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