whats a good pipe for a 04 yzf 450?

White Brothers, R4 exhaust with headpipe or the E series both I have tried and both work excellent I like the R4 better pulls harder up top just my 2 cents.

White Bros and FMF Factory4 are the 2 best. They make a manageable powerband and increase all over the range. The rest of the pipes usually give you one thing and not the other.

Dirt Rider gave a good review on the R4. I've looked for it but don't see anyone that carries it anymore. It's not listed on White Bros site either. Do you know if they discontinued it. Anyone know where to get one?

My brother just put the DR. D oh his bike and it pulls harder thoughout the entire rpm range. Great system and a great price. I just recently purchased a Factory 4 for my YZ 250f and it does the same. Its about $200 more than the DR. D but I think its worth the price. Much much ligher being made of titanium. Also when the headpipe starts changing colors it turns almos the identical color of the anodized exhaust color so its really sweet. Also the exhaust note is much better. One problem I ran into is the midpipe. It rides on the side of your plastic and melts it. Its not a big problem because it only melts the inside and doesnt affect the out side. But it is a problem that shouldnt have been overlooked. Both great exhaust. The FMF has the bling bling factor with the anodizing(if you choose the anodized version), and the titanium metal.

I have the Jardine RT4. If you read dyno tests, the Jardine found 2.5+ HP and pulled much earlier that the other main pipes. It's loud, but in line with the short FMF can and the Pro Circuit. You can mount the factory heat shield. I have a midpipe & can for sale for

$US 185.00.

Good Luck,

Vet28 :thumbsup:

Do not know about the R4 but the Aluminum Race Series - is Identical to the carbonPro & it is probably the best exhaust I have ever used. More power everywhere!

I have a DRD if you want to buy cheap - PM me.

You can also get the factory 4 in S/S as well and it's about the same as the dr.d pricewise.

Call White Brothers, I got mine in april and installed all good. R4 exhaust was in stock around here for the 2004 450F.

Actually you cant get the factory 4 in s/s. The only way to get it almost complete in stainless steel would be going the route of the titanium 4 sl and get the s/s mid and head pipe for it. The factory 4 is a complte system so you dont have an option for s/s. Well at least I havnt seen one, and the FMF website shows nothing of it.

I have also heard great things about the Jardine. People say it has one of the meanest pipes around. Like a review I read they said it was like a top fuel dragster. As loud too.

Don't forget about the Thunder Alley if you want big low end with same mid and top.....the Jemco will rock the house on the rest (except ST/Yosh) from midrange on up while still providing a low end gain. It all depends on what you are looking for really...some of the high $$$ pipes actually make LESS power in certain ranges than stock...

whats a good pipe for a 04 yzf 450?

I'm amazed that people are looking for more power from this bike! I guess no matter what it is you get used to it eventually and want more!

whats a good pipe for a 04 yzf 450?

I'm amazed that people are looking for more power from this bike! I guess no matter what it is you get used to it eventually and want more!

It's not so much more power but more manageable. The stock pipe to me has too much low end. I use the 14" FMF and I like it better. It's not so violent off the bottom and then pulls longer on top.

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