We are on our way

to ruining a really unique forum with;

Childish personal attacks.

Threatening people.

Calling people gay.

Racist comments.

Foul language.

I'm guilty myself of some of the above. I have seen boards ruined by people more interested in causing turmoil then anything else. I hope it won't happen here.


You are absolutly right, coming from me I guess I would have been a big instagator of it. EVen though poking fun is fun and good at times. there is a % of people here that rely on good information.

Hence my Conversion,

I promise to do my best

to do my duty

To Uphold the integrity of TT

and to admonish those that blow it :D

I even try to correct me spelling :)

For this I must say, those of us in TT that are FLAMING with redundant rhetoric as name calling, swearing and worse. Just stop or find a place to park your unhappy butt somewhere else.


In my best Yoda voice: "Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to hate, Hate leads to Ssssuuuuffffeeerrriiiinnnggg !!!"

Egohole, in my best Yoda voice: "There is no try, there is only do"

I think Yoda would have advised us all: "Be mindful of your line and the rubber side down keep you, young Jedi's' !!!

Words to live by if you ask me.


Dude you need a girl friend



That was not an attack, spam, name calling or other then Fun..............

[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

I'm married, but your right I need a girlfriend :) !!!

Hey, did you hear they found the cure for sex??

. . . it's called Wedding Cake !!!

By the way Ego, in my best Darth Vadar voice: "Don't under estimate the POWER of the Dark Side!"

[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: Matt W ]

In My Best Dart Maul

Yes Master

isnt that all he said Beside


When he was cut in half


Riding Yamaha's has also been linked to suffering, and lack of sex. (Or perhaps the lack of sex leads to the suffering?)

There are many symbols in our world that show a strong and healthy, physically capable male....from now on, when someone makes fun of my Katoom fender, for the obvious reason...I'll simply reply "It's a symbol of my prowess"

Think about it....what better place to pick up chicks than at a motocross race?? Especially if they know you like to have a good, fast, fun ride? :D

It does seem like this place is going to heck in a handbasket though!!


[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: DethWshBkr ]

I don't post very often but from now on I refuse to get involved in the childish bickering. I came here for a good argument. No you didn't. Yes I did. No you didn't. LOL :)


come on beezer dont start whining,trust me if actually came up with an intelligent thought we would all stop flaming to enjoy your moment.but till then we need to have a couple laughs to keep from going insane in this crazy world.when i flame ego,yznvegas,bambislayer and deathwishbiker its all in good fun .but we need something to break the tension in this forum every once in awhile.no hard feelings fellas i wouldnt be messing with you, if i didnt think you were good people

Originally posted by DethWshBkr:

from now on, when someone makes fun of my Katoom fender, for the obvious reason...I'll simply reply "It's a symbol of my prowess"

are you sure it doesn't represent an attempt to make up for some shortcoming you may have. Or, maybe you just like the way it looks. :)

Sorry, couldn't resist. :D

I hope you guys have a good and safe weekend riding. :)

Originally posted by dirtdad:

are you sure it doesn't represent an attempt to make up for some shortcoming you may have. Or, maybe you just like the way it looks. :D

Sorry, couldn't resist. :D

Grr....I should have anticipated and prepared for such a response.....


Yeah, I'm sure! :)

I don't mind some banter. I never mind people making fun of me, I know it's all in fun. (Even if it's not, I usually think it is) I do agree it seems that TT is getting more and more like a Yahoo! Chat board than the TT it used to be when I registed in June of last year.

When you get the Ahmad Quad people, that 2 stroke Gomer who obviously was 12, and the name calling, slander, and flat out ignorance, people, thats where I draw the line.

If you look at ANY AND EVERY post I have EVER made, on Chris Slade (my name and first TT name), or this name, you find I NEVER EVER harrass, slander, or generally make crude and uncalled for statements. That is unnecessary, and not needed on this informational board. But, come on, some fun and play is fine. Some are simply taking it way out of hand.

Originally posted by DethWshBkr:

I never mind people making fun of me, I know it's all in fun. (Even if it's not, I usually think it is)

It was. :)

Geez and I thought this forum was about slaming Ktooms :) or for that matter anything that is spelled YZ

Somebody help me here!


When I "ASSIST" people its becouse I am a EgoAhole

nothing more nothing less

its great to live Vicariously as an anonymous CyberFreak here isnt it :D

But I refuse to do this anymore, I am converted :D

DId Somebody Fart

Its starting to smell again :D

Mharaji, Oh Maharaji I am failing in my quest please oh help me,

[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

EGOAHOLE.you will be back to your smart@ss self before the weekend is over.i guarantee it.im on quest to lure you back to the DARK SIDE.deathwish,you know as well as i do. the release of 03 bikes is going to have TT in shambles and flame wars all month.kawasaki ,suzuki and ktm still havent had there big releases for 03.not to mention we havent heard much about 03 bikes that those euro freaks are riding.nobady is going to be modifying rides now,they are too busy cleaning bikes so they can sell them and get 03 yz450f.

It does get old doesn't it...

I can honestly say that it's hard for me at times to find the good info I've been used to, when over 1/2 of the posts on any given subject are personal attacks.

I was orginally member #109 before we had our site mix up and lost some of our memberships, and alot has changed... I actually gave up one of "those" other sites because of all the infighting.

BUT HEY. This still WHERE IT'S AT! :)

Have a great weekend!

Mr Toyz

I try to stay out of the flaming, name calling, ect...

And one thing I don't understand is the swearing... I think once someone starts using $#@#!@@!@#$#% or ********* then it gets personal. I mean grow up people, think of how ridiculous it is to actually TYPE swear words. Can people really get that mad over the internet that they have to start typing fake swear words?! The whole poking fun thing is fun, but personal attacks against people you really dont know!? Give me a break.

Just my 2 cents..

They are all suffering from a combination of anticipation anxiety, new bike lust, and testosterone overdose which commenced at 9pm on 6-13-02.

i agree, people should mellow out :)


I love a challenge, but I will resolve myself to the occasional rampage.

All TT'rs

Here are some points to ponder for post etiquette.

<ul type="square">[*] Would I let My Kid Read What I post ---Ohh That’s good[*] Does my post incite rational thought?[*] Does my post contain any Swearing?[*] Does my post contain any name-calling?[*] Does my post sound like a Bigot?[*] Am I pissed off so much that I need to reply or just stop and get off the board? Hummmmmm

This may all sound real funny coming from me, but I am dead serious about this, The personal shots as long as they are clean and fun, NOT NAME CALLING or I will coin the phrase "vegas-slaying". This includes just blatant ridicule; name calling, cussing and personal slandering.

Man I just stepped back and looked over the posts and there are only a handful of people that are just out of control. Its one thing to get into a flame session, but make it fun, if its getting to the point your getting :) then back off man its only a forum.

One thing that totally is uncalled for is the insightful suggestions of how people like it and with whom. Do you talk to your kids that way, that’s what bothers me, the most?

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