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Originally posted by EgoAhole:

All TT'rs

Here are some points to ponder for post etiquette.

<ul type="square">[*] Would I let My Kid Read What I post ---Ohh That’s good[*] Does my post incite rational thought?[*] Does my post contain any Swearing?[*] Does my post contain any name-calling?[*] Does my post sound like a Bigot?[*] Am I pissed off so much that I need to reply or just stop and get off the board? Hummmmmm

How ‘bout:

<ul type="square">[*] Am I posting just to stroke my own ego because I enjoy seeing my own thoughts and opinions on the internet? Or am I posting because I think I have something pertinent to add to the discussion?[*] Have I read and understood the posts that came before, or am I shooting my mouth in the direction of a single poster only?

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I am assumeing your pointing that at me


Ya guilty at times, and your excuse

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