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how do i replace the swingarm chain slider?

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i have a new oem swingarm chain slider i need to install. i just replaced the swingarm bearings, swing a shaft and new rear shock. when i had it apart i notuced i needed a new swingarm chain slider. but i had a ride schedualed so i put the new shock and bearings all together nicely greased but with the worn chain slider. 

now i have nice new oem chain slider for the swingarm. can i get tgis installed without removing the swingarm?

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16 hours ago, ptgarcia said:

No need to remove the swingarm. I don't completely remember, but I think you need to pull the chain and counter shaft sprocket. I recall changing mine when I was fixing a leaking counter shaft seal.

yep, easy job. thanks.


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chain buffer can be replaced without taking off chain

I have 03' DRZ400s and have a 520 vx2 chain.
I learned on avrider.com that 'If you have an o-ring chain, the side plate has to be pressed on, even if it's a clip type'
Without a chain breaker/splitter tool, i was at a loss for taking of the chain (even tried pliers/tapping the master link with a hammer while on the rear sprocket [ik redic])


I wiggled the front sprocket off with the chain still on and was able to slide the new chain buffer
it was a little push and shove but she's in place and running great

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