The missing

I notice lots of griping about the 4-speed gearbox.

None of us have ridden the new 03 or know how it will perform in MX or desert/trail riding until we actually throw a leg over it.

Wait until you KNOW how this new beast performs before passing judgement on how many gears it has or lacks!

I think it will be better for MX but not so good for trails. News Flash!!!! Its not a trail bike!!!! Anyway I think it will be great to just use 2nd and 3rd all day.

For '03 the gear ratios are changed only slightly so it is by no means a stretch to say that four gears is exactly one fewer than five.

I need five. Ty Davis needs five. Apparently Yamaha also thought we needed five until recently.

I don't see how 24 cc.s equals one gear. :)

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