Rear Brake mount

Was out riding this weekend and caught a rock in the Rear disc guard. It was a metal one from Xr's only and did not do it's job. First off it snapped the rear caliper mount(it hooks to) and then dinged up and warped the new rotor I just put on the morning before. :thumbsup: What snapped was the rear mount for the disc guard. First off what type of metal is it? I believe it's a white metal, that's all I know. Second, Can it be welded as it's a pretty clean break? I'd hate to shell out another hundo for the caliper mount when I can just have it welded. TIA-Tim.

Another note-stick with the honda plastic guard(Team Honda Does)...yeah you may bend a rotor but you won't be replacing a caliper mount.

I had one of my tabs welded, no prob.

I've now got the Devol guards that wrap around the leading edge of the disc. If I break this setup, I'll get the Scotts one-piece setup.

Thanks Brian. That's what I'll do. I just got the new rotor..80 bucks down the drain. I'll blame Xr's only like everyone else...LOL

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