Getting Valves done......

Can anyone recomend a good place to get valves adjusted here in SoCal? Thanks.

For your 650? or another vehicle?

for my 650 and the wifes xr400. I need to find someplace other than Barnums.

Anyone man enough to ride a 5 hunny bess be adjustin' his own vavles.! :thumbsup:

10-4 on that. Pig that's an easy job. Why pay? You got a manual? I do mine every 1000miles and it's a breeze on the 650. Only thing that might make it hard on the 400 is the oil. However, both have the necessary site holes.

I actually have an offer from a great guy who is going to teach me to do them myself, which is what I prefer anyways, just never done it. 2 stroke is one thing, but I don't have a clue what the top end of a 4 stroke looks like............looks like schools in session.

I got a name you DON'T want to use... :thumbsup: ...he's local in S.D. :awww:

I too am (or was) a tad scuuurred... but will do my own next time. And my own tear down and rebuild too. I just learned too much to not do it myself. Check Ebay for the FULL service manual, I paid $15 for each one of my bikes.

Now... go sell that 5hun... and buy a CRF450... I did. :lol:

sell the 500hun for a 450..........never, the only thing the 450 has on the 5hundy is............damn, I can't think of anything :thumbsup: Something about big bore 2 stroke power that can't be matched............

I hear ya...

Just a 5hun idling is something to be scared of.... that.. "doong, dooong, dong, doong..." :awww:

But seriously... I sold my STREET LEGAL 5hun for a 450... never looked back. Except for those hilarious times when cops would look at me. Usually perplexed. Like a dog when it hears an unfamiliar sound! :thumbsup:

Ever read up on that 700cc 2stroker???

Be scuuurrreeddd... vawry scurrrrreeed.


OR... here's my old "streetable" 5hundy!!!


Tim, you redo your top end every 1000 miles??? :thumbsup:

Was reading on where they just recently got around to changing the oil on their KLR's... after 16,000 miles!!! :awww::lol: :lol:

No I adjust my valves every 1000 miles. Where'd a topend come from?

Oh, I musta got confused with another thread about valve grinding, sorry for the confusion.

Along the same lines of redoing the valves, I saw a neat way to grind valve lips and seats on an auto performance show. They took the head and valve springs off, lifted the valves up a little, put some abrasive paste on the seats and set the valves back down. Then they stuck a suction-cup on the valve head. This then had a foot-long shaft on it, which you could twist between your palms or hook to a drill, spinning the valve in its guide. The abrasive action cuts new mating surfaces for the valves and seats without complicated tools. :thumbsup:

Umm. that's called lapping ,not grinding . :thumbsup:

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