Clutch Basket Tool

I just went thru the counter balancer gear noise issue/repair (haven't started the bike yet) and was wondering if any of you have found a good UNIVERSAL clutch basket holder tool. We currently have my '99 WR400, a '92 XR250R & a '90 KX500. I've done enough work on these things & others to justify the expense (within reason) if it is a universal tool. I'm sick & tired of messing around with half-assed solutions.....

Any suggestions?


Try Fred Hink at Aerrowhead Motorsports below.

Go to the *.jpg link below for a picture.



I have in stock a bunch of the Clutch Holding tools. They sell for about $30.

I learned the hard way that not using this tool could cost you a clutch hub.

These work great for all kinds of motorcycle clutches and I highly recommend them.


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